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Оригинальный текст песни Men

Many times I said
that I would like to be heard
It’s not easy, you see
when they’re speaking over me
I’m not being respected
at my work
I’m walking the streets
and in their faces I can feel
my pure existence is constantly

Deceiving their sight, their taste, their mouth, their head, their ears,
their stomach, their feet, their tongue, their teeth, their guts, their
brain, their arms, their hands, their hips, their lips.

I don’t really trust men

Careful, careful what you say
Shut up, will you calm down?
In their eyes I am weak
In their fragile eyes

My boundaries are
disrespected all times
They think they do things FOR me
but they’re doing them TO me

In their eyes I am meat
Selfish eyes
In their eyes I can see
In their fragile eyes

Their pride, their voice, their thoughts, their lust, their shame,
their power, their feels, their knowledge, their questions, their ego,
their sons, their dreams, their hopes, their limits, their joy.

Альбом Self Worth

Mourn - Self Worth

Дата релиза: 30.10.2020

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