Текст песни Movements - Don't Give Up Your Ghost

Оригинальный текст песни Don't Give Up Your Ghost

There’s no truth when I can’t get through
You’re in your head when I’m next to you
What’s the price of an ugly view?
Make a mistake that you can’t undo

I’ve been there before
Laying on the floor
With a sharp idea in my hand
Couldn’t picture more
Giving up the war
But some things don’t go as they’re planned
Cause there’s something more

Tell me what you think about
Cause every single night I see you fight to keep it down
You’re dizzy when it comes around
You stumble when you step and wake up below the ground
Can’t see the green beneath the snow
But if you leave you’ll never know
Don’t give up your ghost

Where’d you learn how to hate yourself?
I’ll wager it was somebody else
You’re on tilt from the pain you’ve felt
Ready to fold the hand you’ve been dealt

But there’s a beauty I believe you can find
Under the grief
Under the compromise
An ember that remains to ignite
Desperate to breathe
Desperate to stay alive