Текст песни Murkov - Bloodletting

Оригинальный текст песни Bloodletting

As the knife draws ever closer
Close your eyes and clench your shoulders
Curl your toes and tense your calves
Scraping the skin that crawls and scabs

You knew what was coming motherfucker
A pint of blood for your transgressions
I'm carving out my revenge
You knew it motherfucker

Bleeding the corpse with futility

You knew it was coming
I'm carving you out
A pint of blood
You'll never get back

That fuck was dead and I still kept carving
That fuck was dead and I wont stop and i wont stop no

Backed into the wall
Oh the pressure falls
Scraping inside your skin
Let the dirt in

We're gutting you all
From your head to your toe
Letting the blood flow
We're Letting the blood flow

Straight from the swamp
This is all that we know
To let the blood go

Let it go
Just give up
Except the blade
Just give it up
Let us help you

Grind your teeth
Clench your fist in defiance
But you can do nothing