Текст песни My Epic - Lower Still

Оригинальный текст песни Lower Still

Look, he's covered in dirt
The blood of his mother has mixed with the Earth
And she's just a child who's throbbing in pain
From the terror of birth by the light of a cave

Now they've laid that small baby
Where creatures come eat
Like a meal for the swine who have no clue that he
Is still holding together the world that they see
They don't know just how low he has to go
Lower still

Look now he's kneeling he's washin' their feet
Though they're all filthy fishermen, traitors and theives
Now he's pouring his heart out and they're fallin' asleep
But he has to go lower still

There is greater love to show
Hands to the plow
Further down now
Blood must flow

All these steps are personal
All his shame is ransom
Oh do you see, do you see just how low, he has come
Do you see it now?
No one takes from him
What he freely gives away