Текст песни Nascar Aloe - I Throw A Fit

Оригинальный текст песни I Throw A Fit

I throw a fit, put your face to my fist (uh)
“i am cold”, hope i don’t get sick (uh)
I’m not fit.
...But when i be running from the pigs, then the speed start to pick up
Living in a pit down in hell, no i can’t get up.
Deathproof bitch, do not skip, don’t forget us.
Fuck the president.
...Don’t call it the land of the free. That’s some shit that i’m sick of.

Fuck any assumption, i want destruction.
Police always watching us, wait for them to bust in.
Shoot him in his fucking noggin. He can not function.
Turn this shit battlefront, bitch i feel like justin.
I don’t like you cucks one bit.
When i punch him in the gut he show me what his lunch is.
When the feds roll up will you hunt or be hunted?
When i pull up on his block “cmd+z” he get undid.
I’m not human, i’m a shitbag of meat.
What you doing? You not talking to me.
Keep the mask on like i’m starring in scream.
What the fuck you mean? I make you decease.
Fuck peace, i’ma grip the heat.
Just so i can eat.
From the east; i came from nc,
Ready to delete-
Enemies. In the usa you can never sleep,
Just weep.
When i come your way,
Turn into the reaper.

Bridge (2x)
Usa: waste and decay.
I defecate on all that shit politics say.
You idiots gon’ meet your fate, the games you play.
But fuck it (ay).
I hope i die anyway.
(i hope i, i hope i)