Текст песни Nitheful - Archangel Luciferi

Оригинальный текст песни Archangel Luciferi

If thou beest thee, I was the favorite of all angelic beings, but alas.

I lay in treachery,

My name of Lucifer forgotten forever

Thy archangel of god cast down by my father


What power does thee have?

His hands are old. Smelt of death, infinite. Are not of power.

The final hour Of Christ and Jehovah,

My fall has made me strong.

This crown was meant for Me.

I lord satan,

I will gnaw and disembowel your Jehova.

I the great fallen king,

Pitiful, as god has no power over the true heir to the throne.

I shall now embrace my name that is of Satan.

I the one who shall conquer the heavens. I am the purest of glory,

And so he shall receive.

The blood of the lamb all spilled has become dust.

Thy fallen ascend,

This is his end.

Infernal demise

Fuck his paradise.

I thine king shall rise.

I satan have ruled over the stars and heaven above the sun.

Thine fallen angel that descends to hell of which I have won.

Hail the infernal symbol of my world.

Praise to thee, I devil.

God denies,

That I shall arise.

Альбом Paradisum Ruination

Nitheful - Paradisum Ruination

Дата релиза: 10.11.2020

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