Текст песни No Face No Case - Two-Faced

Оригинальный текст песни Two-Faced

Stop the fucking bullshit
Don't make me lose it
Stop the fucking bullshit
Fucking cunt (haha)
Stop the fucking bullshit
You fucking hypocrite
Stop the fucking bullshit
Don't test me

You're just a waste of life (okay)
I can't sympathize (skrrrt)
No you are not a threat
I can't believe my fucking eyes (bang bang)
To you not making shit up (brrrap)
Just seems unreal (unreal)
Your fucking thought process
Was far from ideal

Every fucking day
You better stay away (brrrap)

No face no case but you're still two-faced
Think you're all that
Bitch you're a fucking disgrace
Motherfucker i can see right through you
Tryna fuck with me
Tryna fuck with my


I can see right through you

Arf arf arf

Nfnc beatdown motherfucker
Pragues fucking heaviest
Gonna kick your fucking head in
Don't try to hide you little worthless bitch

Now there's a reason for fucking fear
I've had enough
Bitch why you gotta be so insincere
You two-faced piece of shit
Know our name
No face no case the hardest in the fucking game

You two faced piece of shit
I don't see a reason to
Give you a second fucking chance
Motherfucker show respect
Karma will come for all
I can see right through you