Текст песни No Soul - Wishender

Оригинальный текст песни Wishender

The only place you’ll find me
Is a pit in the dirt

Where the air tastes bitter and every ounce
Is another start

I’m not broken just destined to sink
What’s the point of asking if there’s no meaning behind what I think?

The bruises on my body can’t define who I am
But the only thing they show is exactly where I’ve been
I’ve been trying to find some sign of light
Before these words no longer exist

I’ve been looking for your name
Searching in vain
Running my fingers on the walls but all I feel is the pain

Of all the places I could wish to be
There’s nowhere better than in your misery
To catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I see
That everything I did, didn’t mean all that much to me

It didn’t mean all that much to me

You always leave me here, alone