Текст песни NOFX - Doors And Fours

Оригинальный текст песни Doors And Fours

In L.A. Basin heroin was so passé
We had to find something cheaper
And not so far from West L.A.
We were all looking for a high different and new
When dope was hard to get, Codeine 4 and Doriden would have to do

On doors and fours we take our chance
White punks on dope, perfect romance
On doors and fours in '83
When we got loaded taking loads
We'd all OD eventually

Was there a killer or did Jordan Hiller just have a death wish
His parents didn't need to find their oldest son cold as a fish
When loads were finding the roads to Beverly Hills
Heroin and PCP were a safer bet compared to those six pills

On doors and fours we never knew
Which one of us was turning blue
Why wasn't anybody scared?
'Cause we were teenagers on loads
So no one really fucking cared!

Another good friend's heart explodes
'Cause all the punks are doing loads
While we're all still taking our loads
'Cause all the punks are doing loads
Our arteries and veins corrode
'Cause all the punks are doing loads
Los Angeles' punk scene slowly erodes
'Cause all the punks are doing loads

We lived on violent apathy
This was L.A. in '83
Straight out of the Hills of Beverly
Old L.A. punks they never die from old age
'Cause they all OD!