Текст песни Obscura - Solaris

Оригинальный текст песни Solaris

I despise this journey through my will
Ordained to sanctify
I devour their dismay
As an astral parasite, decreed to purify

We are the damned and isolated
In solitude disengaged
We are conjured and segregated
In abeyance transcended

I am the fallen shining star
An evoked blazing scar
We derived in solitude
The usurper omniscient in vale

Sere encrusted we collude
And nauseated we descend in faith
I remind, recall their bitter afterglow
Illusions and visions designed

Their eagerness seduced, neurotic fears entranced
Their power of volition deranged
I condemn, comprehend and will deny
Redeem and dignify

I am entranced in scattering light
Divined and reunite
We condemn our fate

Альбом A Valediction

Obscura - A Valediction

Дата релиза: 19.11.2021

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