Текст песни Oceans - Dark

Оригинальный текст песни Dark

Calm on the surface
A storm in the deep
when all the hope is gone
all that is left is
me and the rope

In the dark of the night
when thoughts start to burn
to the endless depths
of our own emptiness

no hope no hope no hope no hope

The mind goes blank
Awake and still not here
still not here

cold claws grab the heart
I’m lost in the dark

I need to leave this place
I need to leave it all behind
With all the pain that I must face
All that is left is
Me and the rope

when dawn breaks its path
the surface is calm
but just to the outside world
inside there’s a storm

Here I stand
fading away
fading away
fading away

Going faster
I can’t breath
this world is strangling me
this is not
who I want to be
All these lies
I hate humanity

and I hate to hate
but you leave me no choice
how can one not lose hope
with you fucking up everything
it’s so hard to not lose hope
it’s so hard to not lose hope
after the Storm
The surface is calm

it’s so hard to not lose hope
If only the depths could be seen

Альбом The Sun And The Cold

Oceans - The Sun And The Cold

Дата релиза: 10.01.2020

Дебютный студийный альбом австо-немецкой дэт-метал группы Oceans.