Текст песни Old Wharf - Death As My Witness

Оригинальный текст песни Death As My Witness

This reckoning that haunts me has no place for the weak
These little snippets of death oh how I crave release

Just for that moment of bliss
Where I don’t have to feel like this
Suffocating inside of this shell
Death sing me your symphony

My skin crawls to let me know that I am still alive
This tainted state of mind just beats me down every time

Black my eyes and make me bleed from the inside out
Lay my body in a casket built from fear and doubt

I am the voice in your head that is filled with regret
I will keep eating away until nothing is left
You’ll see I can’t be alone with these thoughts in my head
I cant keep breathing and sinking inside of this dread

I rest in the darkest of place
As I become one with embrace
Dissolve this pain that surrounds me
So I can’t be me anymore

I lose myself when this misery takes me
Pulled apart from every one I love and need
Is it my time to plant the seed
Or live life on my knees
Too late too ask for forgiveness
Will death be my witness

So as I cease to breathe
The Flies begin to lick there lips
Stuck in this breeding ground of filth
I pray for you to take me

Take me away from this place that knows nothing kind!!