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Rewind, now play it back,
Let’s raise a glass to the death of everything we had
Yeah rewind, and play it all back
So we can relive the life of an endless anxiety attack

Face to face with the damage I’ve done,
It’s dead behind the eyes
Yet it mirrors all my movements, so delicate and fluent
I’d swear it haunts me every night
I guess see the irony, oh how the punishment fits the crime
But whilst I’m shackled to the summit of all my fears and failures,
Your sinking in the silence of the words you could never find...

Tell me can you feel it,
Now it’s coursing through your skin
So tell me can you feel it,
How these walls are closing in around us
Is it just another state of mind or just another tie that binds us to these feelings,
These feelings,I won’t be the reason that you’ve fallen from grace

Blacked out in the river, and I’m still drowning the promises I know I can’t deliver,
I never meant to be a sinner, but I lose myself through the cracks in mirror

If you need peace of mind, just have a little piece of mine, coz I’m lost out here
To the void of time I’ve watched you leave me behind

I’ve had this premonition bleed into my visceral vision
I see you for what you truly are... Ghost.
Just another ghost

I’ve had this premonition bleed into my visceral vision
I see you for what you really are... You’re a Ghost.

Tirelessly searching for a way to break the chains
That hold you and I to history
So let’s just bury our dead, incite the funeral verse,
I guess it wouldn’t be the truth if it didn’t hurt.
So hold fast cos this isn’t the end,
Just a path to salvation, without me to hold you back

You’re just another ghost.

Альбом Burn in the Flood

Our Hollow, Our Home - Burn in the Flood

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