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Tonight, I’m gonna explain myself
What’s going round in my head and all the words I never said
Subconsciously faded in the mess I created
I’ve been digging up bones – an ancestors emotion
Tonight, I won’t need words to describe
Bring light to this darkness
For the moment I can feel alive

What if I never told you
My mind has slowly taken control
Prisoner of my own disease
I’m one step away from getting defeat
Enemy’s myself and I
The in-between is ripping my soul
Moments lost the reason I tried to make right decisions

I can’t let go of the past
I cannot live in today
I’m not ready for the future
I can’t live with myself

Hold on my friend
I’m not a psychopath
Enemy’s myself and I
I’m not ready to live this lie

I’m not a psychopath! - I can’t escape this hell!

For the moment I’m singing I can simply forget
About these nerve-wrecking demons and the voice in my head
The words that I’m screaming
For the message I send
I beg you
Whoever relates to
Will you reach for my hand?
For so long I´ve been choking these words but not tonight

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Outset Of Circle - Fall

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