Текст песни Overdrivers - You Cheated On Me

Оригинальный текст песни You Cheated On Me

I fell in love with her

With this tiny monster

I didn't see the trap

She was a Heartbreaker

She broke my heart to pieces

She burned my soul to ashes

I drowned in my own tears

Why have you been so cruel to me

I won't be silent, I won't be silent anymore (anymore)

Don't be shy, confess it

You cheated on me

My world became so dark

With you knife in my back

Feeling the open wound

The indelible mark

No taste, no joy, no feelings

Only pain and sufferings

But now it's time to pay

Baby I have something to say

You cheated on me (x8)

She cheated on me

With my buddy

She cheated on me

With my daddy

She cheated on me

With everybody

She cheated on me

With you maybe

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Overdrivers - Rock Out!

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