Текст песни Peach Pit - Shampoo Bottles

Оригинальный текст песни Shampoo Bottles

I’ve been leaving your shampoo bottles
Over in the corner there
Sitting empty on the bathtub rail
Wishing they could wash your hair

Yea I keep em by that crumb of fancy soap
And your toothbrush at my bathroom sink
Your cellphone chargers still hanging from the wall
Haven’t chucked it all, like you’d think
Though you haven’t been around in weeks

I’ve run out of my speed stick honey
So I have been using yours
Its frickin trash all that Organic hoo hah
From one of your health food stores

It is seemingly worsened everyday
All this shit of yours around my house
If I could’ve had it any other way
Then by now I would’ve chucked it out
But it seems to wanna stick around.

I’ve been leaving you in radio silence
Though I’d love to catch a pass
Waited long enough that I could never call you
Baby how fucked is that
And it’s all just so forgettable
Til I’m sitting with your stuff alone
Man why can’t I just let it go

I’ve been seeing that red corolla parked out on the corner there
If it were yours there’d be some hippie bull shit hanging from the rear-view mirror

As I’m passing it every other day
I look in to see if this one’s yours
But the shape it’s in is giving it away
Yours is dented up and down the doors
Never wanted to see it more