Текст песни Petroglyphs - From The Aether

Оригинальный текст песни From The Aether

I am the constant pulse
That's always pushing forward

Entire foliage
Removed from it's canopy
The sunlight's rays (glistening)
Makes it's way in
Embracing all around
And everything it touches

I fell apart
But picked myself up

A new beginning
Save my own ambition
When inbetween everything
I am aware
Of my surroundings
Now my beyond and I become one solidified
Like bedrock above
We break through

We cross the threshold into the ether
Enter through the other side of my mind
Consumed by divinity
Behind other eyes
To view existence inside a new perspective

I haven't finished what I started
If we could reach the vision
I can almost feel it in the palm of my hands
Set aside

Harmony created
With enlightened characteristics
I'll follow through
And send a message to you
I'll embrace whaterever comes my way

Filling my life with joy
I'll carry on, carry on
Watching and waiting in the afterlife

Far from illusion