Текст песни Phantom State - Archangel

Оригинальный текст песни Archangel

This is collapse, end of the line.
Corrupted cells plague this flawed design.
Counting the days to feel alive.
Enslaved by retrospect and borrowed time.
As true as the day brings darkest of night.
I feel the weight dragging me down.
The surface breaks now there's no way out.
Absence of sight, Absence of sound.
A cold embrace as I slowly drown.
The Sun in the sky can't break through the clouds.

I'll never surrender but this fight is in vain.
No sense of direction it's always the same.
If this is forever then forever is hell.
Will you answer the call and be my Archangel?

My mind it aches for some relief.
Still no containing this voice in me.
Counting the days, borrowing time, ignoring truth so I can live this lie.

Empty vessels in search of a familiar host.
Lost in a void until they give up the ghost.
In the eye of the storm the tide keeps pulling me across the horizon as far as the
eye can see.

No light!
The dark descends tonight, embrace.
I'm torn apart!
ill visions plague my own mind.

I still carry the weight deep inside.
I know we'll meet again in another life.
And now I give up the fight.
I lay down and close my eyes.
Finally at peace on the other side.
I know we'll meet again in another life.