Текст песни Point North - Into The Dark

Оригинальный текст песни Into The Dark

What’s it like being broken
I know that life ain’t fair
But you’re the only one who cares

And if our pain is shared
You know it’s yours I’m holding
Cuz if it’s mine to bear
I’m not afraid to be repaired

I’m treading in your water
I don’t wanna but I gotta

You know I like it when I’m drowning
Reaching for your hand like it’s all that I can count on

Into the dark
Trying not to lose myself when I go too far
Where do I start
When every turn I take keeps us apart
I need a sunrise in the dawn
Show me what the world is running from lately

I used to see you around almost every day
With some other guy hand up on your waist
And I saw the smile that was on your face
I guess I never thought that you could just replace me erase me
But now babe it doesn’t even phase me
I kissed you good bye
And moved on from the madness
And like a phoenix I rose from the ashes

Shutting down cuz I feel nothing
Cuz I’m always trying find something
Feelin like I wanna give up think I got a problem now
Don’t believe in what I can’t see
If I fall I wanna fall free
Even if we never let go you just gotta say so