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Tell me why do we sleep like the dead?
When most of us can't even afford to die
Just lifeless, but still breathing
Trying to stay committed to this worlds ugly lie

That we are all cogs in this money machine
Just stay in your lane and no one will bleed
Just keep working for the mental stimulation
And ignore all the signs of the simulation

This is leaving such a bad taste in my mouth
When do I give this up?
When do I fall out?

I try to feel but its all in vain
I dig the knife into my skin just to remind me of something
Even pain feels better than this
Do I just let this go on or salt the wound with a kiss?__

I just pray that my body won't give up
Until the day that I become washed up
When everything I have done has been for nothing
Even though in my heart it means everything

And I can't help but feel so ugly on the outside
Bury my face in the pillow on my bed
Grinding my teeth until I fall asleep
Tell me why do we sleep like the dead?

Альбом Deadline

Preacher - Deadline

Дата релиза: 12.02.2020

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