Текст песни Prevailer - Malady

Оригинальный текст песни Malady

Their disorganized theories,
Draw us away from progress and advancement,
Where they're normalizing their wicked ways
To pour in their filth and decay,
Misguiding all with impunity!

This place has been plunged into darkness
Subverted symbols of hope lead the broken astray
Through campaigns of whisper's
Their false doctrines drag the weak away
Tranquilized our minds diluted and sedated
We're temporarily paralyzed.

Children of indoctrination,
Lured out of our state of distinction,
We're imprisoned bound and enslaved
To a vivid illusion of freedom

Generations of molding
The way we think convinces us
They hoard the history we seek
Our future was stolen so long ago,
Hijacked to infuse misery and woe!

Trying to keep us fixed in the palm of their hand,
We're sinking further from truth consumed by their plan
Propaganda is spread throughout the land
As fascist's silence our freedom
With their heads in the sand
Spread like fire and torch their illusions
We come for truth we are the intrusion!

Their empires will fall
Reduced to ash
(chorus x3)