Текст песни Pride Of Lions - Carry Me Back

Оригинальный текст песни Carry Me Back

It was so long ago - yet just a blink of an eye
You wore that certain smile
That tempted me to stop awhile
We shared our hopes and plans
We walked as we held hands
You took my heart away
On the winds of destiny- wo oh

Carry me back to the lights of the city
The long hot summer back in ‘83
Carry me back to the moment we met
As we figured out the mystery- oh
Carry me back to the sound of your laughter
The songs of our rock & roll fantasy
The moment in time when the planets aligned
Woncha carry me back - i wanna go back - carry me

Sometimes on nights like these
We love to reminisce
And live the memories
And share the secret of a kiss
Thank god for yesterday
It’s never too far away
Cause we’re in love to stay
To live our destiny. Wo oh.

Carry me back to sunswept days
And moonstruck nights
Wo oh carry me back to distant shores
And harbor lights
Carry me back to making
Love to the sound of the rain
Though the years have flown
We are still the same