Текст песни Prisoners Of War - Boulevards Of My Town

Оригинальный текст песни Boulevards Of My Town

These are streets of my town
Where are my friends, my home
I'll never feel alone
And every day and every night
I wanna lost and roam
Just on my own

In the streets of my city

These boulevars of mine
I keep in my heart
It's my own part
My past, my present
My future, my death
Until last breath

My home, my town, my city

Every night we drink in bar
And lost all worries
This is our stories
And after that when i go home
By my endless streets
Keep my heart beats
All my thoughts are clear
That's why i love living here

This city - our city
Olomouc city

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Prisoners Of War - Wrong Place / Wrong Time

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