Текст песни Raygun Cowboys - The Only One

Оригинальный текст песни The Only One

I don’t want anything from you anymore
You took my heart and smashed it down to the floor
Cheating lying tearing down my soul is all you do
Don’t look for me when it come crashing down on you

You said I was the only one
You said that you were mine forever now it’s done
You said you would always be true
Now you’re with another and it tears my heart in two

I lost my mind and put it all on you
You walked away and left me broken and confused
Drinkin thinkin about all those times that we were two
And you know the only one for me baby is you

Альбом Bloodied But Unbroken

Raygun Cowboys - Bloodied But Unbroken

Дата релиза: 25.10.2019

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