Текст песни Real Friends - Teeth

Оригинальный текст песни Teeth

These last two years were the worst years of my life
Left me fucked up past the point of ever believing that I’d get by
I call your phone, you don't pick up
It’s pointless hope cause I know you're gone
I’ve heard your voice so many times
I’ve got your message memorized

I've tried everything but nothing’s working
I’ve tried everything but I’m still hurting

The medicine isn’t kicking in but life is kicking my teeth out
On the floor again and I’m losing it
So beat me ‘tiI I black out
Cause I don’t want to face it

These last two hours were the longest of my life
And the thought of you is a slow burn blazing that never fades with time
I thought I’d heal but then I relapsed
I’m falling back, can’t help my reflex
In my head I’m treading water but my arms just collapse