Текст песни Redzed - Nicotine

Оригинальный текст песни Nicotine

The secret is a conteplation
Its all about the mind, its a mind invasion,
and if i ever bleed than its on occassion,
Inside i feel so hollow

Thats Why im sippin on the wine, need to shine
And to live a dream,
I hate to say goodbye, but i‘ll die,
Smoking nicotine,
I'll book another flight, than im high
Turning in a fiend,
This plane is my own (yeah),

Im just sick of being nice,
But i gotta be liked,
And when i see the poltergeist,
Then i turn on the light,
Its when you look me in the eyes,
Someting doesnt feel right,
All the faces they so gloomy

i question my existence
And now i question why i breathe
And i can seem to find one reason
Being liked's only thing that i need
(That i need)