Текст песни Respire - Tempest

Оригинальный текст песни Tempest

Dripping wet i awake to face this hell
Lash for lash, we beg forgiveness in
A shallow grave
Filling in
With all that we let die
Bloodstained hands in blind contempt
As we watch the world go up in flames

An uncaring race (let it crash)
To the edge of bliss (let it die)
Off the precipice - over and over till there’s no longer

When did we ever care (write your status, fall in)
What’s my recovery in a world that’s past recovering?

We suffer all (let it crash)
To reach some end (let it die)
Like sisyphus - over and over till there’s no longer
Life (serenity dawns)
Life (as the fires grow)
Life (as the clouds bellow)
Life (as a heart still pines)

(i can’t breathe with the weight of the end bearing down)

All things must come to pass
The birds, these waves, our plans and mistakes

All things must come to pass
These roots, old scars, light up like your eyes

All things must come to pass
Your touch, this dream, lights up with the skies

Life as ephemera
Stars don’t shine they
Flicker in the night, merely a specter of
What once was, what could have been
Even dead and gone, there’s beauty in the absence
There’s beauty in the silence
There’s beauty in you
There’s beauty in me

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Respire - Black Line

Дата релиза: 13.11.2020

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