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Working as junior nurse
in the early 80's
at the Royal Victoria Infirmary
you would see them very often
in the hours shortly after they had passed away.
There was one gentleman
walked on by, smile beaming,
though I knew him gravely ill,
confined to bed,
I'd soon learn was in fact hours dead.

(chorus) Black lights
lolling in the distance
I have seen the flowers of another country.
Black lights
blooming in the doorway,
petals unfold around me.

I remember her like yesterday
- the most very poorly lady -
a single mother
in her early forties.
Her cubicle was filled with pretty flowers,
when she had succumbed we rested one upon her breast.
The porter came
and threw it down
trampling the bell
Only minutes later an almighty sound -
the whole bayfull of roses strewn about.

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