Текст песни Rotting Out - Last Man Standing

Оригинальный текст песни Last Man Standing

Demons dying in the parking lot
The old man’s got a needle in his arm
Richard's got a hole in his head
And then there’s a girl we found dead in the backyard

In this city, this is life
The bodies pile up and no one bats an eye
In this, this is life
I try to numb it out, feel nothing to survive

Eyes wide, I won’t go away
Stay alive, you can’t kill me
Eyes wide, I’ll never go away
Stay alive, you can’t kill me

Left for dead but I still walk with broken legs
And I'll always have a limp like scars from a razorblade
Life’s been a predator, fucking me since I was a kid
But it couldn’t take me out, so I sit with broken teeth and a stupid grin

Альбом Ronin

Rotting Out - Ronin

Дата релиза: 03.04.2020

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