Текст песни Ruston Kelly - Radio Cloud

Оригинальный текст песни Radio Cloud

Call me a misfit
King of the crows
Out on the hills
Or the telephone poles
Hang in the silence
Till I got something to say
Who was I then
Who the hell am I now
I’ll do whatever
Till I figure it out
Looking straight
The pain’s gonna show me the way

Climb down the radio cloud
I remember what my name is now
I cut the water lay the roadway down
You can call me Moses
Don’t take whatever they took
It’s just a way that we all get hooked
Thinking everybody’s only looking
At all the pretty roses

Didn’t know I been tied
Deep in the virus
Sign of the times
How could you know
If you haven’t been looking up
The world shakes
When the truth breaks out
The fire takes
What ain’t worth a damn now
The smoke cleared
The wind came to blow me away

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Ruston Kelly - Shape & Destroy

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