Текст песни Satyr - Picayune

Оригинальный текст песни Picayune

Masquerade of malpractice
Revealed as adequate process towards self assurance
Discomfort amplified by lenses
Resemblance of our time spent alone
Calculate clear minds set aside in reoccurence

Independently persuade foreign complementaries
Hoping to recalculate
Reconstruct what we conceive
Misconstruction animates forward beyond centuries

Goals shared by individuals
Carry those who follow the nature of parameters set
In place to protect silently elected leaders

Cowardice consumed by intent
Relying only on ambition and drive
Some say carry it forward through time

Pray for consequences
I’m tired
But still suffering from your decision to counter the prospect of these crimes
Confliction overrides the punishment
Calculating access to more time spent alone
Infinitely clear minds set aside

Combining trust with blind allowance
Letting you all take the fall
Calculate access to more time spent alone