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She's a Demons Daughter
A maiden of the slaughter
The princess of the darkest night
She's a metal twister
The screaming banshee's sister
She'll shoot you right between your eyes

Lightning Strikes
Goddess revealed
You taste her vengeance
(now or you'll kneel)
She is the Lady of Steel

Lady of Steel
A lady of high honor
Can't put no chains upon her
She won't give up without a fight
Fearless bareback rider
She's a rank outsider
The wicked angel of the night

With great swords of power
Her strength grows by the hour
All enemies will cower

No mortal sword can catch her
Forever chasing after
Blood-Queen and Savage Master

Lady of Steel

Альбом Myth, Magic And Steel

Savage Master - Myth, Magic And Steel

Дата релиза: 25.10.2019

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