Текст песни Scythe - Soul Killer

Оригинальный текст песни Soul Killer

We were born

with endless possibility

Void of all control

or sensibility

Consumed by a constant feed

of filth and decay

Another life on the line

Another consciousness

fleeting away


Pitiful swine

You better fall in line

A dance with the devil

impaling the blades in my spine

A marionette

remarkably eager to tie down it's own fucking strings

Bitter minds


By a prophecy they promised

Now torn out from under our feet

I see the whites inside their eyes

Replaced with static

It’s so fucking tragic

They've enslaved our minds

An endless void staring back at me

Consuming my thoughts

And everything I see

Consuming my thoughts

and everything that I fucking see

Purchase the latest trend

consume what we've been fed

then sell our souls for the illusion of our eminence

Turn on the news again

There’s 8 more people dead

Pick up the phone and share another bullshit sentiment

Just mindless drones so fulfilled by distractions

All so alone in a world devoid of compassion

A whole generation raised by a fucking screen

Selling us bullshit dreams

Of a future that we'll never see

All I see are dead eyes and empty minds