Текст песни Seahaven - Bait

Оригинальный текст песни Bait

Patiently waiting, you’re betting on me
While I'm baiting you carefully for company
See the heart it gets lonely, it needs something sweet
Like a night full of laughter that's lacking in sleep

Cold to the core, I am nothing you need
I will dampen that light you so vibrantly beam
I am more of a burden than you’d like to believe
If you give it some time, you will see what I mean

All of your plans, they are all up to chance
And you hope and you pray that I make the most sense
You’re beginning to wonder with these lines in the sand
It just might be a lifetime before I let you in

Fooled you for a moment there I guess
Made you think that I was someone else
Made you feel like I was worth the risk
You’ll hang on to that one for good

So you took the chance
Now it don’t make sense
Swift are the days
That slip through your hands
And take to the wind
Because I won’t be letting you in

It might be a lifetime
You’re searching for something you’re not gonna find

Альбом Halo Of Hurt

Seahaven - Halo Of Hurt

Дата релиза: 20.11.2020

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