Текст песни Seaway - Still Blue

Оригинальный текст песни Still Blue

You’ve been around for so long
Always dead wrong
and everything’s cursed

Could never let you go
Escape from the glow
Now everything hurts

So full of empty promises
So many times I’ve given in
So full of hope
Got nothing to lose but I’m losing you

So wouldn’t it be nice to stay sedated when all our friends are getting old and jaded?
Maybe you’re the one to blame

The taps on college are bleeding dry
cause everything’s cursed
The home team lost, the boys got tossed
and everything hurts

Why do I bleed for you?
You don’t come through
A year is lost but I’m still blue
I bleed for you, I bleed for you

Альбом Big Vibe

Seaway - Big Vibe

Дата релиза: 16.10.2020

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