Текст песни Sharon Van Etten - Like I Used To

Оригинальный текст песни Like I Used To

Will the marker stain the skin?
Stole the dress I saw you in
Now nothing comes to mind.
Saw a life as override,
One more session overdrive.
The ceiling is the roof

Change address and draw a line
Show my friends the silver lines
Call my family just to know they’re there

Sleepin’ in late like I used to
Crossing my fingers like I used to
Waiting inside like I used to
Avoiding big crowds like I used to

Crawl the field and let you in
Brand my heart I found you in
To say nothing’s more apart
Will my lover be there, stay
Follow them to less the pain
The ceiling must be wrong

Well my head’s gone today
Sell my past for a way
to sing and have something left to say
Pray my hands, pray my voice
Give the reason, take away
Make believe an order for to stay

Lighting one up like I used to
Dancing all alone like I used to
Giving it up like I used to
Falling in love like I used to

Open my heart like I used to
Making out long like I used to
Holding hands openly, rights to
taking what’s mine like I used to

Like I used to
(like I used to)
Like I used to
(like I used to)