Текст песни Signs Of The Swarm - Malformed Dissonance

Оригинальный текст песни Malformed Dissonance

So distant but yet nearly silent
Conditioning ignorance and bleeding violence
Like a soulless hymn, bleak and uncertain
A collection of terror clashes in unison
The only sense of unity
Our grim existence bares

Our howls of horror drown within the silence
Malformed dissonance conquers our senses
A malignant trance has vanquished our chances
Behold its devious divinity

Consuming our reality
Homogenizing our senses
Delirious, we all bleed violence

Bleak manipulations
Uttering restrained despair
Accepting our dominion

Surrendering to this horrific
Hypnotic state of illusion
Binding us to our indifference
Altering our perception
With a new sense of aggression
Deafening agony
Bleeding violence
Demolishing all within its path
We weren't meant to last

Альбом Vital Deprivation

Signs Of The Swarm - Vital Deprivation

Дата релиза: 11.10.2019

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