Текст песни Sleep It Off - Hopeless Hearts

Оригинальный текст песни Hopeless Hearts

This life is what you make it

Ups and downs are a vicious cycle
I'll keep my head up high
Now please don't lie
When I ask why

You kept so much from me back then
I thought you were my friend
Now please don't try
To make this right

Slowly i'll be, dark and fading
I'm not waiting anymore
Like I used to before

This life is what you make it
You live your life so jaded
Learn to compromise
Can't pickup where we started

So bury all your secrets
The ones you never needed
Keep me so far away
I know it's what you're good at

You're a blur that only fades darker everyday
I used to be obsessed
You made me a mess

If time could turn into a race
You took away my pace
I've never second guessed
I gave you my best

You drank the whole bottle dry
You left me empty inside
I need the ocean tonight
So drink up while I pass you by

Yeah, it's what you're good at
It's what you're good at