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Find me, like me
Hype me, write me
Your attention is all
advertisement makes me blind man
Got no time for scrutinizing
Oh my god addictive garbage
will on autopilot, quiet
Some of you must fear the realness
Cause face to face you’re speechless
Alright, but do you
Feel the urge?
I’m sure you do my friend
Just need a quick check if there’re news again
Well, this is my
obvious vice
call it virtual high
consuming other life’s instead of living mine
Oh no I’m so….
Stop boy,
What did you expect?
Another day wasted on the internet
Fuck it, now I need to
my infected brain
preferring non-sense over content killing my attention
This makes me dull
I can’t get rid of it
Minds are walled in brick by brick
Could someone remind us that
life should be the opposite
time-consuming, inner stress
war on losing interests
Don’t you realize the rise of the passive death?
Take a breath
Is it hell or heaven?
I got one million 7-second casual lessons so stressing
But the presence of an essence is lacking
So why is everybody acting like a fucking fanatic?
You re fucking fanatic
I’m a fucking fanatic?
You re fucking fanatic
I’m a fucking fanatic?
Yea, you re fucking fanatic
I’m a fucking fanatic!
A Fuckin fanatic 4x
Oh fuck!
I don’t know who I wanna be
I’m drowning in my virtual me

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