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Said “it’s the end of days
And we’re just hoping for the beachfront property.”
Numb with indecision.
Daring some asshole to take a swing.
I’ve got $800 to my name.
Not sure what it means.
Trying to take these bastards
For a quarter of a million
Despite your mom’s protesting.

If every city’s the same.
Doom and gloom under different names.
Maybe we should find our home in one?

I hate the rhythm of our lives these days --
Staring into dead space.
Shouting at my phone.
Ducking in my seat
Cause someone brought a bag into the movie theatre.
Everyone shrugs at the same time.
“Yeah, yeah, we know.”
You’re singing sad to thirty-somethings in a bar,
“Play us some nostalgia songs,
Cause no one really wants to hear about you anymore.”
I know.

We argue and assign the blame
Not like any of us feel the shame
Count on one hand all the good we’ve done.

Said “it’s the end of days,
And you’re still pissing in the wind.
Don’t believe in god.
But figured he’d be a better planner than this.

I’m tired anyway.
Why the hell would I care?

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