Текст песни Sphinx - The Battle Of Aljubarrota

Оригинальный текст песни The Battle Of Aljubarrota

The King has fallen, absent of heir
The reign trembles, all lost in despair
King of Castille proclaiming our land
As fear floats around consuming the thin air
Hear the horn of the eminent battle
Between the pale skin and frail life mothers tremble
As fires burn high reds of cold
And the holes become rivers filled with enemies’ blood
Hear the whisper of the flaming arrows
As the land in our feet shakes fear as man march into death
Thousand horses stride
As Castille invade our lands
It’s our holy war Against 30000 man
Through the creeks and trees
We will stand our ground alone
Death will consume you all
Feel the cold blade pierce your soul
Extermination, glance the fallen masses
As Lusitania arises from soil now the enemy here lies
The blood that runs like rivers, ashes dancing
No retreat no refuse, for our lands and families we'll fight
Consume this holy plague
Till there’s no one to save
We are the product of the same greedy flesh
This war will only be over when all enemies are dead