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Оригинальный текст песни Flauros

I watched you suck the life out of everything,
Your hands shake with a depravity
This is a counterfeit for love
An ugly monument that I abhor

Such bonds are a waste of time
It's you and me against the world in rapid decline
In our memories of youth
You chose sorrow and wove it into you

When you take a look into the mirror
Do you ever stop and consider maybe you're the coward yourself?
Fear-mongered to hate all that you are

A perpetuation you claim to know so well
An infatuation with a man who surely failed
You’re a failure
Just be a man, admit it

Separation, sweet surrender
Stuck on the outside once again
Conversation, great pretender
Uncomfortable in your own skin

Pounds, fist to fist we clench
I have your back until we die
Never thought you'd be the one
to tell me such a worthless lie

Flickers from your eyes.
Choking into the shadow
Of memories of you
"Dance into the end my friend"
Find joy in every dying thing
As we all subside with time,
I watched the light flicker from your eyes

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Spirit Breaker - Cura Nata

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