Текст песни Stand Atlantic - Drink To Drown

Оригинальный текст песни Drink To Drown

I’m startin’ again.
Before we even saw the end.
No fair.
Washin’ me out -
Cellophane cover my skin to what you need.
So pick your poison,
I’m indifferent now.
Do you still want me around?
What I would give not to be your concrete cloud.
I’ll deal with it,
Just to savor it.
I’ll pick my poison,
I’m indifferent,
And I drink to drown.
I should know better
But I don’t,
So I drink to drown.
Cut me too deep -
So uneasy.
Fragments of me that I don’t need.
Drop your colors from the ceiling -
If you love me,
Saturate me.