Текст песни Starless - Circle of Reason

Оригинальный текст песни Circle of Reason

This scar will burst at the seams
Doing all it can to deny you
You'll toss and turn in your dreams
Haunted by the mistrust and hate

You'll bear the burden of envy
The weight of ignorance binds
The words of the sages will haunt you
Too feeble to accept your fragile mind

Please tell me why you cannot see
The sacred truth
No matter how much I plead
This broken path of uncertainty
Will lead you right back where you fear to be

Broken is the game
Tainted are the ones who play it
Nothing can change
I say now
You cannot break me, I am immovable
So say I, so it will go

My eyes are open wide
To the way this life can mold us all
Hold on to what is real
Your lies will only serve to blind you to the light

Your petty ideals will lead to ruin for us all
No matter how grand our society will fall
The further you reach, the higher my wall

My convictions are wavering
But I won’t ignore the damage you’ve done
The circle of reason
Is the same no matter how many times it’s run
You say nothing can change you
But the changes have already begun
And the way that they’re shaping you
Will leave you just a shell when they are done

There will never be enough
Ignore the wreckage
Your future’s painted in crimson
Suppress your opposing words or succumb to the crashing waves

I’ve grown larger than God
You dwell within my hands
Our peace is dead and gone
I will banish you and your fantasy
You were born to rot
You’ll perish void of meaning
And now my will lives on
No mortal will dare to stop me

Your petty ideals have lead to ruin for us all
No matter how grand our society will fall
The taller you build, the higher my wall

I’ll burn down your walls