Текст песни State of Illusion - Starlight

Оригинальный текст песни Starlight

As night embraces the sky, the flame escapes from his eyes
How precious is the light that shines through the dark and how careless are we to extinguish the spark
Let candles light the way
Let angels sing his name

What if this illusion is not what it seems?
What if we're trapped inside this dream?
If only I could find the will to breathe
Please open my eyes so I can see

That this life we live will never be the same
And we only have ourselves to blame
Let his star light the way
And pray that it won't leave me as it fades into the day

Please stay with me
Don't go
Don't leave me here alone
Please guide me down this path I wander
And wake me from my dreaming slumber