Текст песни Static X - Bring You Down

Оригинальный текст песни Bring You Down

You were the one to be true
To be down, I was
Out of the black, you brought
Me into the light now

Now take your little pills
Headlong to overkill
Resent me ‘cause I
Represent what you hate, don’t wait

Now or never pull you under
I don’t wanna wait to bring you down
I don’t know why you’ve become what
I’ve been hating time to bring you down

Bring me up until you
Bring me down take me to
Hell bring me back I can’t
Tell in the black – bring it back

I don’t wanna wait
So I’m gonna say this right now
I feel my mind is going
My discontent showing
And now I know, I know
I’ve got to bring you down