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This is the final fight
it´s a light for tonight
to take a stand against your hate

Respect for me and for yourself
in such a world you should see the signs,
right open your eyes, take my hand
i´m gonna help to learn what´s right

now it´s time, you can end your pride
and you should bury your hate
take it as your fate
nobody judge you for your old, wrong way

Think about that,
what they´re telling you
don´t look away,
don´t hide your fear
don´t go away,
don´t hide your feelings

i can smell your fear,
your heart is full of tears
feeding the fire
burning all your hate
S - t - a - y - f - r double e, stay free!

Альбом None Of Us

Stay Free - None Of Us

Дата релиза: 20.12.2019

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