Текст песни Stitched - Parasite

Оригинальный текст песни Parasite

Force fed on the lies that you told
To make me feel like I was alone
Sit on a self built throne of deception
And like a fool I allowed your affection

You made this happen to me
And now it's all I can see
You made me feel like I was not enough

You f**king parasite

Getting fat off the back of another
Called you friend, I called you my brother
Got your teeth in deep this time
Latching on to the back of my mind

Had your fill and you're onto the next one
Bled them dry, it was never enough
Like a cancer you infiltrate
No mercy, seek and eliminate

F**k you and your insatiable need
To stand back and watch others bleed

You f**king parasite

Crawling, I feel you within
You’re on my nerves & under my skin

The tables turn and your foots in the grave
Was it worth all the blood you craved?
Will you know that you can’t infect,
When my death grip’s around your neck?