Текст песни Sundressed - Home Remedy

Оригинальный текст песни Home Remedy

I need noise cancelling headphones
To cancel the noise inside my head
Have you tried deep breathing?
Is all anyone says
I hate you I love you come here please just leave
I'm questioning symptoms and signs of relief
The motive the medic the terrible heat
I talk without speaking I can't take a seat
The only one I hurt is me or at least that is what I think

Are you kidding me? I tried every home remedy
Ruled out amphetamines
Wake up sweaty from every dream
And any time I think that I'm dying
I'm usually fine

I need wireless technology
To untangle the wires inside of my body
Maybe it's poor circulation
just exercise, well I'm trying
I'm not getting better but I'm not getting worse
A little less put together started with the dirt
An opiate blocker thank god that it works
I'm tired and I'm stressing but its a good hurt

I guess there's a reason I'm still here
(I'm usually fine)

I found a home remedy sitting right next to me
I was so lost before I knew
Woke up sweaty from every dream
Ruled out amphetamines
My home remedy is you.