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I wish I held on to ticket stubs
Old posters and all of the above
Can't store it all in my memory
So don't act like this offended me

I toss and turn when I try to fight
The should haves that keep me up at night
I'd benefit from a referee
For all my friends and my enemies

But anytime I bring it up
Well no one seems to give a fuck

I've got something to say
I'm not feeling okay
I can't carry the weight of anyone else
I've been feeling this way
For longer than a day
Now I'm starting to hate the size of my heart

The Carolinas in a postcard
That I never sent I'm so scarred
But your reactions to everything
But my reactions are just as mean

And anytime I bring it up
You don't seem to give a fuck

Maybe it's just temporary
Maybe I just learned on my own
I hope this is temporary
Oh, I just hate being alone.

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